He’s back! Mr Broad Shoulders

Yep that’s right! Our favourite guy from London is back! Well to be honest he was never really gone. As you could have read in The Summer romance: the final part, Mr Broad Shoulders and me stayed friends. It is not that we would visit each others birthday parties or something but there are friendships in many forms. We would check in with eachother every few weeks, sometimes every few days by tekst messages.

Not too long ago Mr. Broad Shoulders told me he would move into his new apartment and he send me a small video of the apartment. I off course saw this as an opportunity to invite myself over. This time there were no excuses not to do it anymore. (I tried a few times before but he came up with various excuses about not having is own place.) So we set up a date and I booked a ticket. The timing couldn’t be more perfect because I really needed a break from my own reality.

So last weekend I actually went to go see him after 9 months of not seeing each other and just texting. Friends asked me if I was stressed or nervous to see him. I wasn’t, I was stressed of staying where I was. Getting off the plane at London Heathrow made me already lose a bit of the negativity that was going on in my life. And as I walked through the gates I saw his face right away, kind as always. My face probably looked a bit criminal because 1 minute earlier boarder security stopped me and asked me what I was going to do in London and how long I was staying etc.

From the second we were together again everything felt like before: fine, relaxed and easy. We took the tube, went out to dinner and then to his apartment. He lives in a completely new build flat in a very nice neighbourhood. The next day we went sightseeing in downtown London. We went to see the London Bridge, London Tower, walked along the Thames, London Eye, The Big Ben, West Minster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. And after walking for hours we sat down in Green Park (after visiting M&S for some foods and drinks) and had a little picnic. The second and third day we decided to walk less and picnic more. London has great parks and the weather was amazing so we just enjoyed the sun kept it very laid back.

So I know everyone wants to know if there where butterflies and violins and romance and stuff. Let me tell you this. I felt completely save with Mr. Broad Shoulders. And I realized there and then that I haven’t felt this save for a long time. I could just let go and don’t worry about a thing when I was with him. And for the people who know me, they must know that this quite out of character for me. I am someone who needs to be in control of things to feel save, but here with him it was the complete opposite. So I don’t know about butterflies and violins, I just know that he wouldn’t let anything happen to me as long as he was by my side. (Also literally, I couldn’t cross a street without getting hit by a bus if he wasn’t around.)

But as most trips, this one ended as well (too quickly in my opinion) and I went home again. Everyone keeps asking me if Mr. Broad Shoulders is going to visit me again. I really don’t know. He is a very busy man focussing on his career. He knows he is very welcome here and I would love to see him again but we’ll see how things go. For now I look back on a great weekend and I hope he does too.

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