The Summer Romance: Final Part


  • Mickey goes to Turkey and meets Mr Broad Shoulders (read part 1 here)
  • Mickey and Mr Broad Shoulders really hit it off in Paradise (read part 2 here)
  • Mr. Broad Shoulders visits Mickey in Holland (read part 3 here)

We arrived at the airport where I parked my car and walked with Mr Broad Shoulders up to the check-in desks. After he checked in and dropped his suitcase I wanted to propose a cup of coffee or something, cause he had still some time left. But before I could do this, he gave me a hug and a kiss and said his goodbyes. A bit stunned by this (for me) awkward goodbye I walked around the airport.

Okay it was time to start defining feelings. Was I completely truly madly deeply and head over heels in love with this guy? I didn’t know, I was however sad that he left. I was confused, not sure how I was feeling. I wanted to be madly in love, but I also felt the need to protect my heart. I decided to stop defining it and figured that I just needed to see him again to really know what it was that I was feeling.the summer romance final part

So our texting continued as before. We again texted every day for a couple of weeks. I could feel he struggled with the same issues as I was. Because starting a long distance thing is not easy on a persons heart and the chances of succeeding are very slim. I tried to be cool about it and told him that we should not worry to much. We could continue this as long as it would be fun and worth it for the both of us. He was a bit hesitant but agreed with me and we decided to see if we could find a date for me to visit him. Mr Broad Shoulders had a busy schedule the coming weeks so, this visit had to wait for a bit.

One of the things on his schedule was going away for a weekend with his sports club. I texted him to have fun and focussed on whatever I was doing. During this weekend I felt something was off. He didn’t text me as much as usual and I could not shake this feeling. At first I told myself he was just having fun and his phone was not attached to his hand as mine is. But still I felt something was wrong. After his weekend I asked him what was going on. And unfortunately I was right, something was wrong…..

So whatever that was and still is, is not my story to tell. But Mr. Broad Shoulder sort of ran into stone a wall. He explained to me what was going on and I knew immediately what it meant. He needed time to heal and having a potential long distance girlfriend was not going to help in this process. I felt really sad for a while but I knew now why I could not fully connect with him and why I felt this need to protect my feelings. So for a while we stopped texting and I needed to let my feelings for this guy go.

After a few weeks I felt the urge to contact him again. I needed to know how he was doing. Because even though a romantic relationship wasn’t in the cards for us, I still cared for him. He had done nothing wrong, did not hurt me on purpose and was honest to me the whole time. So I did contact him, told him that I wanted him to be okay and that I still wanted to be his friend. So since than we are still in touch with each other. No hard feelings what so ever. We had a beautiful summer romance and it ended. We are left with some great memories and a potential great friendship.

Speaking of friendship….. Mr Broad Shoulders! I know you are reading this. How about you inviting me to London?! Dude! I gave you the whole Amsterdam tour! Since we’re friends now, I want the London tour!! Having a friend in London should give me at least the benefit of having a place to stay and a free tour guide right? I hear London is amazing around Christmas…….. 😉

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