The summer romance part 1

This is my first blog in English. Why you might wonder? Well, I’d like to to think it’s fair that when I write something about someone, the person concerned is at least able to understand it. The topic is no surprise, it is about a guy. And not a Dutch guy this time…..

the summer romance part 1

“No walk of shame this time, but walking and laughing out loud together with Jack.”


I desperatly needed a break from work, life and horrible dates, so I texted my GayFF (Jack) that we should go on a holiday…. and fast! So on a lovely spring day we met up to celebrate our summer plans and my friend Jessie tagged along. A few drinks later, Jack en I decided that we couldn’t go on this holiday without Jessie; and so there were three of us!

We went to a travel agency and booked our holiday to the warm and sunny Turkey. Our plan: One week of sunshine, beach, swimmingpool, food and lots and lots of alcohol. Only two weeks later we flew from Amsterdam to Bodrum in Turkey. We arrived at the most beautiful resort I’ve ever seen. The pool, the beach, everything was wonderful.

We had the time of our lives, we couldn’t stop making fun of all the other guests in the hotel while laying on our sun beds next to the pool. Jack took really good care of Jessie and me, getting us drinks and rubbing us with sunscreen. We couldn’t help noticing other guests looking at us with a certain look. “What the hell is that one guy doing with two girls?” is probably what they were thinking.

One night Jessie didn’t feel too well and decided to go to bed early. Jack and I went to the bar to get a few more drinks. We sat down at a table near the stage where a terrible Turkish band was playing. The moment we sat down I spotted a table not far from us with three good looking guys. One looked like he was one of the boys from One Direction, the other had really broad shoulders and a kind face, the third looked like the funny guy.

As usual Jack and I started right away rating them on a scale from hot to delicious. This is hard to do without really checking them out. I mean we might speak another language but when you’re looking right at someone, they tend to figure out you’re talking about them. So before we knew it we were putting tables together and introduced ourselves properly. They asked us if we were a couple, where Jack answered: “Guys, I hate to break it to you but I am Gayer than Christmas.” which was kind of an ice breaker. Before I knew it we were having tequila shots and went downstairs to a very empty disco. But we couldn’t care less at this point, we were drunk, dancing and laughing so hard. And more importantly Mr. Broad Shoulders and I really hit it off!

I am not gonna lie, the attraction was completely physical. He liked my ass, I liked his shoulders and arms! So I gave Jack our room key and told him I was going with mr. Broad Shoulders to his room. About an hour later Jack and the 2 other guys knocked on the door. “Mickey!!, I am here to take you to our room! You’ve spend enough time alone with this guy!!” he shouted at the other side of the door. I felt relieved. Don’t get me wrong I liked Mr. Broad Shoulders but I was happy that Jack was there to come and pick me up. No walk of shame this time, but walking and laughing out loud together with Jack.

To be continued…..

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Gespleten persoonlijkheid. Ervaringsdeskundige in disaster dates. Amateur schrijfster van misschien wel de volgende worstseller.

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  • Jessie
    19 oktober 2015 11:02

    Haha! Ik ben nu al benieuwd naar het vervolg ????

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