The summer romance part 2

The next day I needed to tell Jessie all the gory details of the night before. Her reaction was as to be expected: “I stay in for one night and you got laid?! What the hell happened?!” So I told her about the three guys from last night and mr. Broad Shoulders. O and I had proof, since this guy left me with a hickey in the neck for everyone to see and bruises on my butt cheeks…. We went to the pool to work on our tan. Well….., Jessie and Jack worked on their tan, I laid in the shadow as usual. ‘Snow White’ is my nick name and I didn’t want that to change into ‘Red Lobster’

the summer romance part 2

“This night and the other nights we had left I ended up in the arms of Mr. Broad Shoulders. “


As it turned out, the guys from last night couldn’t handle their liquor very well. They didn’t show up before 3PM and missed breakfast and lunch. I didn’t know what to do… should I say Hi? Should I act cool and ignore them? Thank god for Jack in these kind of situations, he walked over to them had a little chat and came back with a small report. They were all pretty hung over, low on energy and didn’t talk much. Since I was feeling happy and full of energy I decided not to bother them and stayed on our side of the pool.

The day passed and after dinner we got ready for our night ritual, going to the bar and drink…. a lot. Our three new English friends where (surprisingly) also at the bar. So we introduced Jessie to the bunch and somebody thought it was time to order some tequila. The night started out to be even better than the night before. Jessie took some belly shots with Mr. One Direction and vice versa. We ended up in the very empty disco again and drunk a bit more. I don’t think I need to tell you how this night ended…. This night and the other nights we had left I ended up in the arms of Mr. Broad Shoulders. During the day we wouldn’t see much of each other since he was spending his days in bed hungover and me happy as always at the pool.

The last day I had a little moment with Broad Shoulders in the pool and maybe I really liked this guy. So far we only knew each other purely physically but maybe there was more? Or was this only a summer romance? Would I ever find out or was this the end now I was leaving? He gave me his phone number so I could send him the pictures we made. We hugged for the last time and said our goodbyes. I felt a little sad, knowing we would not ever seeing each other again. Or would we?

To be continued…

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Gespleten persoonlijkheid. Ervaringsdeskundige in disaster dates. Amateur schrijfster van misschien wel de volgende worstseller.

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  • Jack
    26 oktober 2015 10:35

    He great Blog! I am still thinking about this amazing holliday we went on and the fun we had. Can you imagine all the jokes and teasing we had to do with mickey covered in hickeys and brusses ????

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