The Summer Romance Part 3


  • Mickey goes to Turkey and meets Mr Broad Shoulders (read part 1 here)
  • Mickey and Mr Broad Shoulders really hit it off in Paradise (read part 2 here)

After I got home, I decided to send over the pictures to Mr. Broad Shoulders. And we started to send texts back and forth. I expected  it to maybe end after a couple of days, but it didn’t. We kept sending texts to each other. What the hell was happening here? The more we texted the more I started to like him. And after a short while we decided that we wanted to see each other again. We planned for him to come to Holland for a long weekend. We texted every day for about 6 or 7 weeks before he came.

I was so nervous to pick him up. What if we had nothing to talk about? What if all this turned out to be just a summer the summer romanceromance and only worked in a paradise-like-environment? Or what if (and this was my biggest fear) I really liked this guy, and completely would fall head over heels in love with him? What if he didn’t like me, I mean I am 5 years older, he should be dating 21-year olds!

If you are waiting at an airport with these questions popping in your head, I can tell you time goes really slowly. He texted me telling me he had to wait for his luggage and that it was taking some time. I told myself to get my act together, bought a drink and decided to watch the people passing by. I focused on a family that was waiting for a certain ‘Tom and Anneke’. They made welcome home signs, had balloons with them and where all very excited for their return. As I watched how a few minutes later Tom and Anneke walked through the doors and were very surprised by their family, a familiar voice said hi.

There he was…Mr Broad Shoulders. He immediately gave me a hug and a huge smile. I felt my nerves slowly disappear. He was very easy going and looking forward to the weekend. I am not sure if he was nervous at all to see me. We went to my car and drove to my place. I was still a little nervous and trying to define what I was feeling. At some point I told myself to stop this. I needed to enjoy myself this weekend and could start to define feelings later. We went to see the town fair and stopped for some Dutch “poffertjes” to get the ultimate Dutch fair experience. After that we went out to dinner in one of my favourite restaurants in town (de Paerdestal). We talked about our lives, family and work. We decided to go home after dinner since we wanted to go to Amsterdam the next day and get up a little early.

It was not weird to have him around me. He made things so easy, I felt completely at ease and comfortable when we were together. I never felt insecure or not good enough around him. Usually when I am dating someone, I get really insecure, especially when I like the guy. Small gestures as waiting up for me when I was lingering, asking me how I was doing, opening a door, letting me go first, paying the bill made me like him even more. Though we had a great time, I felt sometimes it was hard to connect with him. He was here, but in a way he wasn’t. It seemed as if sometimes he was in his own world.

I wasn’t too bothered by it. I mean we didn’t really know each other yet right? You can’t expect someone to open up his complete hart when you’ve basically just met. I know I don’t…. The weekend went fast, we went to Amsterdam, went to a party with some of my friends and before I knew it, it was time to drive him back to the airport.

Curious how this continues? Read part 4 next week!

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